"Los Trastámaras y sus minorías: Entre la Corona de Castilla y la Corona de Aragón" edited by Antonio Cortijo and Rica Amrán

Los Trastámaras ysus minorías: Entre la Corona de Castilla y la Corona de Aragón (2021) edited by Antonio Cortijo and Rica  Amrán

In the 14th century, a new dynasty took hold of the Kingdom of Castile, the Trastámaras. A few decades later, they also had possession of the throne of the Kingdom of Aragon. The Trastámaras and theirMinorities (between the Spanish and Aragonese Crowns) gathers a collection of essays that explore the impact on Jewish and Muslim minorities during the Trastámaras' ruling in the Iberian Peninsula. In a short timespan, Muslim and Jewish minorities experienced the pogroms of 1391 in Seville, the first statutes of purity of blood in Toledo, the establishment of the Inquisition in both kingdoms, the expulsion of the Jews in 1492, and the curtailment of morisco liberties. Prof. Cortijo's research on minority identities in the Iberian Peninsula and the Americas in the Middle Ages and modern early period furthers the Department of Spanish and Portuguese's dedication and commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion at UCSB.