Iker Arranz Oteagui

Lecturer in Basque Studies

Office Location

4214 Phelps Hall


Iker Arranz teaches Basque Language and Culture (154A/B/C), Basque Studies (153), Basque Cooperatives and Fiscal System (183IA), Basque Language and Culture Online (W154) and Basque Food Studies (183A). He has also taught Spanish Cinema (126) in the past.


Ph.D. Basque Studies University of Nevada, Reno, 2014

Ph.D. Philosophy University of the Basque Country, 2014

M.A. Philosophy University of the Basque Country, 2009

M.A. Pedagogy University of the Basque Country, 2008

B.A. Philosophy University of the Basque Country, 2005


Dr. Arranz’s research interests include minor/small literatures, minority cultures, film studies and food studies. His publications embody an interdisciplinary approach to Basque Studies, and a rereading of Basque authors within emerging disciplines.


“Bilbopunk89”. Bonberenea Ekintzak. Tolosa.

“Pessoa, Poetry and Violence: An Impossible Dialogue”. In Violência política no século XX. Un balanço, Instituto de História Contemporânea. Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.

La imagen del inmigrante vasco en el cine: ¿Reflejo construcción o refuerzo de los estereotipos sociales?” in Sesión No Numerada. Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

“Environmental Struggles and Ecological Narratives in the Basque Country:  The 20tth Century Dialectics of Sustainable Materialism” in International Journal of Žižek Studies.

In preparation

“Rehearsals: New Perspectives on Cultural Violence in the 21st Century” (book)

“The peninsular Basque Country: a new literary territory in the works of Pío Baroja and Antoine D’Abbadie” (article)

“Translational taste in the edge of globalization: how border food shapes trans-cultural communities” (article)