Yunuen Gómez Ocampo

Hispanic Literatures


Latin American literature; migration; feminism


Yunuen Gómez Ocampo holds a PhD in Hispanic Literatures in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of California, Santa Barbara, where she was a UC-MEXUS CONACYT doctoral fellow. She is originally from Mexico, where she studied B.A. on Hispanic Literature and Masters in Publishing. Between one degree and the other, she became editor and never drop from teaching literature, publishing, reading and writing. Thanks to a M.A. fellowship from the Mexican agency CONACYT, she had the opportunity to prepare and publish an annotated edition of La vida entera, by the Cuban poet Virgilio Piñera. She is currently editor in chief for Estudios del Discurso, an electronic journal. More recently, her research interests lie in modern and contemporary South American literature, gender, human rights, migration, political repression, and forced migration.