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  • Professor

Contemporary Spanish and Galician Literatures and Cultures; Transatlantic Studies; Peruvian Poetry

  • Phelps Hall 4311
  • Professor

Golden Age Drama and Poetry; Spanish, Caribbean, and South American Theatre; Intercultural Studies

  • Phelps Hall 4213
  • Professor

19th and 20th-century Spanish-American Literature

  • Phelps Hall 4333
  • Associate Professor

Portuguese, Brazilian and Luso-African Literatures and Cultures, Literary Theory, Comparative Literature, Environmental Criticism, Medical Humanities. 

  • Phelps Hall 4321
  • Professor
  • Graduate Advisor

Medieval and Early Modern Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese Literatures, Golden Age Drama, Latin and Greek Humanism, Medieval and Early Modern History

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  • Phelps Hall 4219
  • Associate Professor

Translation Studies; Bilingualism; Cognition; Reading


  • Phelps Hall 4327
  • Director of the Bilingualism, Translation, and Cognition Laboratory Phelps Hall 4325
  • Collaborators: John W. Schwieter, Ricardo Muñoz Martín, and Viola G. Miglio
  • Lecturer

20th-century Spanish-American Literature; Poetry and Poetics; Gender and Cultural Studies; Peruvian Literature and Culture; Heritage Language Learner Studies

  • Phelps Hall 4215
  • Associate Professor

Peninsular Literatures & Cultures; Catalan Studies; Iberian Studies; Intellectual History; Film Studies.

  • Phelps Hall 4329
  • Associate Professor

Latin American Literature, critical theory, poetry and poetics, science, technology and media studies, Venezuelan Studies.

  • Phelps Hall 4319
  • Language Program Director

Applied Linguistics; Second Language Acquisition; Language Teaching Methodology; Spanish in the United States; curriculum development

  • Professor

Phonetics/Phonology; Language Change; Translation; Basque Studies

  • Phelps Hall 4328
  • Professor
  • Department Chair
  • Director of the Center for Portuguese Studies

Brazilian Literature; Comparative Literature, Portuguese Literature, Literary Criticism, Theory and Practice of Translation

  • Assistant Professor

Border and Migration Studies in the Americas

  • Professor

Mexican Literature; Spanish American Literature

  • Phelps Hall 4317