Leo Cabranes-Grant


Office Location

Phelps Hall 4213


Golden Age Drama and Poetry; Spanish, Caribbean, and South American Theatre; Intercultural Studies


(Ph.D., Harvard University, 1996)

Golden Age Drama and poetry; Spanish, Caribbean, and South American theatre and performance; intercultural studies. A recipient of an NEH Summer Grant, Professor Cabranes-Grant has published articles in the Bulletin of Hispanic Studies (Lope de Vega y los debates sobre el origen de la lengua castellana", 2000); Celestinesca ("La resistencia a la tragicomedia: Giraldi Cintio y una polémica sobre Celestina", 1998); Profession '97 ("Intercultural poetics: Thinking from (and from) Diversity", 1997); and Perspectivas sobre la cultura hispánica ("Lope de Vega y los pronombres", 1997). Book: Los usos de la repetición en la obra de Lope de Vega (Pliegos, 2004). Forthcoming articles: "Hidden Camera: The Photographic Theatre of Edgardo Rodríquez-Juliá"; "The Fold of Difference: Performing Baroque and Neo-Baroque Mexican Identities"; "Shakespeare's Unfinished Business: An Intercultural Reading of Othello and Paula Vogel's Desdemona"; "Posesión y teatralidad: el caso de María Antonia"; "Staging technology: Caribbean Drama and the Performance of the Machine". At present he is writing his second book, Carribean Theatre and the Intercultural Experience. Professor Cabranes-Grant is also director and a playwright and his works have been produced and stage read in Puerto Rico, Boston, and Santa Barbara. His play "The Barda" won an Independent Award (2003).