Heritage Speakers Program

  • ¿Hablas español? ¿Hablas español con tu familia?
  • ¿Es el español tu lengua materna? ¿Aprendiste el español de niño?
  • ¿Creciste en un país o área hispanohablante?
  • ¿Tienes interés en comprender la lengua más a fondo, con otras personas que hayan pasado por experiencias similares?

Si has respondido sí a todas o a la mayoría de estas preguntas, Español 16A y 16B son los cursos adecuados para ti, NO Español 1-6 y Español 25. To find out if you should take Spanish 16A or Spanish 16B, you first need to take the Spanish Fluency Evaluation.


Please contact Laura Marqués-Pascual at lampas@ucsb.edu to schedule an appointment to take the Spanish Fluency Evaluation.

Location: Online

Questions? Contact: Elena Báez at ebaez@ucsb.edu

Please note that this evaluation is only for native/heritage speakers of Spanish, and can only be taken once. Please bring a photo ID to the exam. 


The goal of the 16A-16B sequence is to help you polish the reading, speaking and writing skills in Spanish that you already possess. Another principal goal is to help you deepen your understanding of your own culture as well as that of other Hispanic cultures. While you sharpen your Spanish language skills and you expand your cultural knowledge, you will also develop a sense of pride in your linguistic and cultural heritage. Students for whom Spanish is their home/family language and/or learned Spanish during childhood and who are proficient in spoken Spanish but have not taken extensive formal instruction in the language should take Spanish for Heritage Speakers. This includes students who were raised in a Spanish speaking environment, have lived in a Spanish speaking country for an extended period of time (more than three years), and speak the language with some members of their family and friends.

These students may take the Language Fluency Evaluation in order to determine whether they are exempt from taking Span 1-6 (for the language requirement) and for their appropriate placement in Spanish 16A and/or 16B if they want to pursue a major or minor in Spanish.


If you have questions, please contact Elena Báez, Undergraduate Advisor at ebaez@hfa.ucsb.edu

Phone: (805)893 3161