Lower Division Courses


There are two different tracks in the Spanish language program:


1. Spanish for Second language learners (Span 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 25)

2. Spanish for native speakers (Span 16A, 16B)


Students should take one track or the other. Please read the Placement Guidelines to determine which track you should take.

Spanish Courses

Is Spanish your second language?

Is Spanish your family language?

If the answer is YES, take…

Spanish for second language learners

If the answer is YES, take…

Spanish for heritage/native speakers

Elementary Spanish

(Span 1)


(Span 2)

(Span 3)

Intermediate Spanish

(Span 4)

(Span 5)

Span 6

Span 16A

Spanish for heritage/native speakers

Advanced Grammar and Composition

Span 25

Span 16B

Upper division courses


Portuguese Courses

Do you already speak another Romance language, such as Spanish, French or Italian?


If the answer is NO, take…

If the answer is YES, take…

Elementary Portuguese

Port 1


Port 2

Port 16A

Port 3

Port 16B

Intermediate Portuguese

Port 4

Port 5

Port 6

Upper division courses