Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Interested in studying abroad? UCSB offers summer, semester, and year-long study abroad oppotunities through the Education Abroad Program (EAP).

Study Abroad FAQ

Should I study abroad?
Yes, everyone should study abroad if their schedule allows.  The opportunities for enhancing one’s understanding of literature written in Spanish through foreign study are almost boundless.  Spanish and Portuguese majors who study abroad come to understand that cultural context is crucial for interpreting literary texts and that knowledge is constructed differently in other political and social milieu. They may gain fluency in the language while at the same time studying its literature. Learn more about studying abroad as a Spanish and Portuguese major here.  Please talk to the Undergraduate Advisor (in Phelps 4206) and the UCSB EAP Office (in South Hall 2431) to learn if your academics allow for you to study abroad!

What courses have previous Spanish majors taken and received major credit?

You can view this information in the Gaucho Credit Abroad Database.  Please note that this is only a historical database.  Courses listed are not guaranteed to be offered during your term abroad.  While previous students received major credit for these courses, you will need to petition the Spanish department for major credit.

Are there EAP courses that have been pre-approved for the major?
Yes, we keep a list of pre-approved courses and you can always consult with the Spanish Undergraduate Adviser regarding any course you would like to take.

Where can I study?
To find info on programs and countries, go to the Education Abroad Program (EAP) office in South Hall 2431. You can also visit their website at

Will I get credit toward graduation and credit toward my major?
All EAP courses yield units toward graduation. To get credit for your major or minor, you must petition appropriate classes for major or minor requirements upon returning to UCSB. Prior to studying abroad, it is highly recommended that the Department of Spanish and Portuguese reviews the courses you are considering taking. Simply bring a course description or syllabus of the classes you might take to the Undergraduate Advising office in Phelps 4206. They will review the courses and give preliminary approval to ones that are likely to count towards your major or minor so that you know before you study abroad. However, you will still need to submit an official petition upon return to UCSB.

What classes will count?
The main focus of the Spanish and Portuguese majors and minors is the study of Literature and Linguistics. While abroad, Spanish majors and minors should look for courses that are equivalent to, for Spanish majors, the "Peninsuar Spanish Literature" reuirement (in the specified time periods) and the "Latin-American Liteature" requirement (in the specified time periods), and for Portuguese majors, equivalent to the Portuguese 102, 105, or 106 series. As for electives, there is no maximum to the number of Literature and Linguistics courses a student can apply towards the major/minor from abroad. It is also good to note that just because a course is an upper division course taught in Spanish or Portuguese, it will not necessarily count towards your major. Please see the undergrauate advisor if you have any questions.

Can I petition classes to fulfill specific major/minor requirements?
Yes. If you want a course to count toward your major or minor, you need to submit a petition in the Undergraduate Advising office in Phelps 4206C. It is important to note that Span 30 and 100 are courses for which you are not likely to find equivalents abroad due to their general and introductory nature. Please talk to the undergraduate advisor in Phelps 4206C- preferably before you go abroad- to find out if a course will count toward your major or minor. 

What if the class is literature or linguistics but not exactly like something offered at UCSB?
The course still may be able to count as an upper division elective. For example, “Short stories in Hispanic Literature Through the Ages” doesn’t correspond to any specific requiremnt because it’s not period-specific, but it is certainly literature in Spanish. Therefore, it can be petitioned as a literature elective towards the major or minor. Remember that it is up to the discretion of the Undergraduate Faculty Advisor whether or not a course will be approved.

What if I’m studying abroad but not with EAP?
You will need to have UCSB admissions accept the courses that you take abroad through any non-EAP education abroad program. Only courses that have been accepted by UCSB admissions can be petitioned to count for your major. However, it is recommended to study abroad with EAP because all units taken through EAP are guaranteed to count towards your overall unit requirement for graduation from UCSB.